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Platinum Membership awards you 37% off all regular-priced supplements (sale $24.95 ea / now @ $ $15.72 ea), annually. This particular membership is designed to accommodate customers and wholesalers who may order in bulk and/or frequently throughout the year. Enjoy savings of 50% off one bottle to multiple bottle purchases anytime and all year that membership remains active. Due to possible high volumes, free shipping does not apply to memberships, and applies ONLY to non-member purchases. 

In essence, for those of you with canine and/or feline pets that suffer from chronic illnesses and you want a steady dietary and nutritional regimen, long-term and similar to we humans taking daily multivitamins to sustain overall health; then, any of the membership values are favorable and advantageous for you and your pet(s).

In addition, the membership values are ideal for those of you whom would like to purchase our products, in bulk and at wholesale cost, for resale at market price. Have an Amazon store and such? Awesmome! With our memberships, you can buy low at wholesale and reasonably mark-up your price to sell retail, with 25% to 50% discounts. Your order quantities and frequency is unlimited with your membership discounts.

*Disclaimer: Memberships are non-refundable nor prorated for partial year refunds.


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